COVID-19 Information

Below is the current record of positive COVID-19 cases for individuals on our school campuses. If zero is indicated, there were no positive cases reported for the school on the date(s) selected. CCPS updates this page based on confirmed cases Monday-Friday by 7:00pm.

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CCPS works collaboratively with the Florida Department of Health-Collier regarding notifications to parents of students or individuals on our school campuses or in school activities determined to be close contacts. Parents/guardians of students determined to be close contacts were directly notified.

  • The CCPS COVID-19 Information Page is updated each weekday based on independent confirmation of positive cases by the Department of Health-Collier (DOH-Collier) for students and staff on traditional school campuses
  • A parent, student, or a staff member may report positive results which are not yet independently confirmed by the DOH-Collier
  • Once independently confirmed by DOH-Collier, the results are added to the CCPS COVID-19 Information Page during the next weekday depending on the time the information is received
  • Weekends and holidays impact the timeline for receiving the confirmed results from DOH-Collier and updating the CCPS COVID-19 Information Page
  • Please contact with any questions.