G1: Expand Early Childhood Education
% Annual KPI Target Met
1.1 1.1 Collaborate with community-based organizations to develop nine pre-kindergarten learning resources that can be utilized by District and community stakeholders to promote kindergarten readiness
1.2 1.2 Increase professional learning opportunities for community childcare providers by three
1.3 1.3 Collaborate with community-based organizations to promote a kindergarten transition event at all elementary schools
1.4 1.4 Conduct nine parent institutes at each Title I elementary school for parents of students in pre-kindergarten to grade three
1.5 1.5 Attend all community-based Future Ready Collier (FRC) meetings to contribute and provide leadership toward overall community goals for early childhood
Note: All % Proficient (≥ 3) scores noted for each KPI are estimations based on benchmark assessments in that the content matches the Sunshine State Standards, and the scores correlate with previous FCAT scores.