A16 A16 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Increase total points earned for the District Grade by nine (9) from the 2020-21 baseline as determined by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) which represents an aggregate of student achievement, learning gains, acceleration (middle and high schools) and graduation rate (high school)
A17 A17 INCREASE ACCELERATION RATE Increase the District acceleration rates for middle and high school
A18 A18 EARLY LEARNING – K2 DATA DIALOGUES Conduct K-2 Data Dialogues/Data Chats between principals and instructional staff in all elementary schools three (3) times per year to monitor student progress toward grade level expectations and standards mastery
A19 A19 DIGITAL INNOVATION Certify an additional 30% of school-based administrators and instructional employees as Collier County Public Schools: Instruction through Digital Innovation (CCPSIDI) educators
A20 A20 STEAM EDUCATION Maintain and/or enhance all District STEAM events and challenges to further student engagement and expand Health Science Academies/Experiences to all high schools
A21 A21 TECHNICAL COLLEGE ACCESS Provide access to career dual enrollment in technical colleges to eligible 11th and 12th grade students in all comprehensive high schools
A22 A22 POST SECONDARY – MANUFACTURING Establish Center for Manufacturing Excellence to expand training opportunities to support the growth of manufacturing careers in our area
A23 A23 PROFESSIONAL LEARNING - INSTRUCTIONAL AND NON-INSTRUCTIONAL Engage employees from all departments in professional learning to support their roles and responsibilities aligned to District initiatives
Note: All % Proficient (≥ 3) scores noted for each KPI are estimations based on benchmark assessments in that the content matches the Sunshine State Standards, and the scores correlate with previous FCAT scores.