L08 L8 ELEMENTARY CONNECT FOR SUCCESS Incorporate an elementary study skills system for students in grades 3 – 5 within all elementary schools
L09 L9 MIDDLE SCHOOL CONNECT FOR SUCCESS Implement 6th through 8th grade advisory time in all middle schools
L10 L10 HIGH SCHOOL CONNECT FOR SUCCESS Implement 9th through 12th grade advisory time in all high schools
L11 L11 STUDENT LEADERSHIP Increase the total number of Leader In Me (LiM) schools within the district to fifteen
L12 L12 PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PATHWAYS TO LEADERSHIP Increase the exit competency rate by 5% for participants who complete CCPS leadership programs
L13 L13 PREPARE FOR ACCREDITATION Align district initiatives from the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan to support external reviews and audits including completion of Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) documentation
L14 L14 FUTURE READY COLLIER Develop a plan to align and leverage the Future Ready Collier (FRC) network and participating partners to support student achievement in K-12
L15 L15 OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE Demonstrate improved operational performance in Nutrition Services, Facilities Management, and Technology by meeting or surpassing annual benchmarked metrics based on National Performance Measurements
Note: All % Proficient (≥ 3) scores noted for each KPI are estimations based on benchmark assessments in that the content matches the Sunshine State Standards, and the scores correlate with previous FCAT scores.