C1 C1 COLLEGE, CAREER, LIFE READINESS SKILLS Increase percentage of students in attendance 90% or more by 10% through CCLRS and mental wellness initiatives
C2 C2 PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT Conduct nine parent/family engagement activities per school based on areas identified by school stakeholders
C3 C3 SAFE AND SECURE ENVIRONMENT Conduct six new safety and security trainings for staff while maintaining existing safety initiatives
C4 C4 WORKFORCE RECRUITMENT Increase the fill rate for vacant positions by 3% for all employee categories in alignment with funded Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) through recruitment initiatives and programs
C5 C5 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Engage all full-time employees through training, staff support activities, and engagement initiatives to reduce the turnover rate by 3%
C6 C6 TALENT DEVELOPMENT Increase by 3% the number of internal employees across all departments who succeed to higher positions
C7 C7 FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Maintain a 5% District Strategic Reserve Fund Balance based upon a percentage of General Fund Revenue
Note: All % Proficient (≥ 3) scores noted for each KPI are estimations based on benchmark assessments in that the content matches the Sunshine State Standards, and the scores correlate with previous FCAT scores.