01 C1 SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Increase percentage of students in attendance 90% or more by 10% through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental wellness initiatives
02 C2 PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Conduct 9 parent/family engagement activities per school based on areas identified by school stakeholders
03 C3 SAFE AND SECURE ENVIRONMENT: Conduct six (6) new safety and security trainings for staff while maintaining existing safety initiatives
04 C4 WORKFORCE RECRUITMENT: Increase the fill rate for vacant positions by 3% for all employee categories in alignment with funded Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) through recruitment initiatives and programs
05 C5 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Engage all full-time employees through training, staff support activities, and engagement initiatives to reduce the turnover rate by 3%
06 C6 TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Increase by 3% the number of internal employees across all departments who succeed to higher positions
07 C7 FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Maintain a 5% District Strategic Reserve Fund Balance based upon a percentage of General Fund Revenue
Note: All % Proficient (≥ 3) scores noted for each KPI are estimations based on benchmark assessments in that the content matches the Sunshine State Standards, and the scores correlate with previous FCAT scores.